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Middle School EDGE Nights

Grades 6 - 8



About EDGE

The EDGE program for grades 6-8 is our Middle School Religious Education program. EDGE is a dynamic combination of catechesis and youth ministry, and is just what middle schoolers need, as they enter their adolescent years. EGDE provides a safe, fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, ask questions about the faith, and, most importantly, experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.


EDGE Nights

EDGE Nights are inviting, exciting, and engaging sessions that give young people the answers that they desperately need to the challenging questions that they are confronted with in the world today. EDGE Nights usually take place on Wednesday evenings throughout the school year, from 6:45 - 8:00 pm in the Church Hall. Click here to view our EDGE Calendar.

Most EDGE Nights are broken into four parts: Gather, Proclaim, Break & Send.


The Gather consists of a small snack as the youth arrive, and leads into a fun game to get the kids moving and laughing.


The Proclaim is the teaching of the night. It usually encorporates songs or videos. And it only last about 10-20 minutes.


During the Break, the youth get into small groups to discuss the Proclaim and apply it to their lives. Each group has an adult leader to facilitate discussion and answer any questions the youth have.


The Send is when the whole group comes back together to end the night. The Send may be a song, a prayer, some time to journal, a moment in Eucharistic Adoration, or any number of other activities. This part of the night is meant to wrap things up and lead the youth to a prayerful place.

Questions about EDGE?

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